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Ruger Mini 14/30/Ranch Rifle with scope rings

Ruger Mini 14, Mini 30, and Ranch Rifle scope rings for sale

Factory and aftermarket scope rings for Mini's sold here

Ruger's own scope ring system is strong and simple. Only Ranch Rifle, Mini-30 (Mini Thirty), and the improved Mini-14 (updated in 2005) have the Ruger system built into their receivers. The pre-2005 Mini-14 does not have this mount system.

We sell scope rings for Mini 14, Mini 30, and Ranch Rifles. Choosing the right rings can be confusing for many because of the differences in the receivers, and thus the way scopes mount to each type of Mini. Another point of confusion is picking 1" rings (for 1" diameter scopes), versus 30mm rings (for 30mm diameter scopes). If you understand the differences, it is easy to pick the right scope rings for your Ruger Mini.