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Magazines and accessories with Ruger Mini 14 and Ruger Mini 30

Ruger Mini-14, Mini-30, Ranch Rifle high capacity magazines, banana clips, gun parts, stocks, rifle scopes and more.

With just a few improvements, the factory Ruger Mini-14 type rifle becomes an excellent, all-around rifle for plinking, hunting, carrying in a vehicle, or self-defense! Check out our gun accessories: magazines, muzzlebrakes, riflescopes and scope mounts, gun stocks, holographic red dot sights, targets, soft and hard gun carry cases, slings, bipods and adapters, cleaning equipment, etc. We have a very limited selection of factory replacement gun parts, also. For price, availability, and convenience shop our Ruger Mini 14 30 Thirty Ranch Rifle accessory store. Our pages offer helpful advice for Mini-14, Mini-30, and Ranch Rifle owners to understand the subtle differences between the variations Ruger has made in almost 4 decades of Mini-14 production and improvement. Discount Mini 14 gun accessories: Standard and high capacity magazines, banana clips, and drum mags for Ruger Mini-14 (.223), Mini Thirty (7.62x39mm), and Ranch Rifle (.223 and 6.8spc). Muzzlebrakes and other add-ons to trick out your gun. Rifle scopes, scope rings, scope mounts, and Iron sights and holographic red dot sights (electronic red dot sights) Laminated wood stocks sporter and thumbhole stocks from Revolution/Revival and Hogue overmolded sporter stocks

DISCOUNTED: Factory Ruger 20 round mags.

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Since their first Mini-14 in 1975, Ruger's Mini-14, Mini-30 (Ruger calls it "Mini Thirty"), Ranch Rifles, Mini 14 GB, 6.8mm SPC Ranch Rifle, and variations of this famous carbine have become favored for hunting, protection, and recreation. It has been used by many U.S. law enforcement agencies. Believe it or not, for a brief time in the 1980's, it was used by the U.S. Marine Corps in a non-combat role. Like other Ruger products, it has a reputation for reliability and value. It is an American favorite - one of the best selling firearms here each year! The Mini-14 also finds lots of fans globally. Police in France use it in .223 Remington. Many civilians own Mini's in civilian calibers, like .222 Rem., in jurisdictions where it is forbidden by law to own "military" caliber rifles.
Almost all Mini 14 and 30, Ranch Rifle pre 2005 models have a ramped front sight
Unfortunately, the factory issued, PRE-2005 Ruger Mini-14 (and variants) have one major drawback: ACCURACY! The barrel and design provide typical accuracy of only 3 to 5 inch groups at 100 yards (an average of 4 minutes of angle (4 MOA)); very poor compared to most AR15's. However, a Ruger Mini costs $150 to $250 less than an AR15. It can be said that the pre-2005 Ruger Mini has accuracy comparable to a basic AK47, and that may be as good as most people need for a utilitarian tool like the Mini.
Mini 14 and 30, Ranch Rifle post 2004 models have a wing protected front sight
SOME POST-2005 (new model) Mini 14's are capable of 1 inch groups at 100 yards (1 MOA) using match grade ammo. They also have barrels with a 1:8 twist, which means they can stabilize heavier bullets, like the 75 grain boattail hollow point (BTHP) from Hornady or the 77 grain BTHP from Sierra.
Ruger Mini-14 accessory makeover Andean, Inc. has many fine products for these rifles from Ruger and other quality gun accessory makers, like Hogue stocks, Butler Creek, B-Square, Harris Bipods, ProMag, MWG, Tapco, Advanced Technology Inc., Revolution (formerly Revival Industries), and John T. Masen Co. From pinned muzzlebrakes to red dot holographic sights, laminated wood sporter stocks to pistol gripped folding tactical stocks, left handed thumbhole stocks, right handed thumbhole stocks, ambidextrous Mini-14 and Mini-30 stocks, magazines to stripper clip guides, lasers to tactical lights, tritium night sights to scope/sight mounts, iron sights to riflescopes, Andean has it.

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